Add your endorsement!
“I am 100% supporting Jeff Lambson”
Tom Macdonald
You definitely have our votes! You will represent your neighbors well on the Orem City Council! Thanks for being willing to serve!”
Joane and Evan Quilter
I can’t think of anyone more capable; you’ve got my vote!”
Carolyn J. Rasmus
“Good luck, Jeff! I have the upmost respect for you. Orem would be blessed to have your service.”
Dorothy McDonald Keddington
“Jeff we stand behind you 1000% you are the best keep up the good work and continue to make Orem a wonderful place to live!”
Roger Anderson
“To all my City of Orem friends. Vote for Jeff Lambson.. I have known him for years. Very honest.. fair and just a all around great man for the job.. VOTE FOR JEFF LAMBSON!!!!” 
Tracy Leetham Jacobson
“I’ve known Jeff Lambson since high school and I’m voting for him anyways.”
Scott Healy
“Jeff, I know I want you for Orem City council… ! Can’t wait to have you on the council. I believe you will be a huge asset.”
Bonnie Gruenbaum
“I have known Jeff Lambson for about 30 years. He is a man of integrity in all aspects of his life.I will vote for him. Vote for Jeff Lambson you will be glad that you did.”
Marleen Hollist Walker
“Folks I do not endorse political candidates that often, especially here, but with Jeff Lambson I must. You see, he has been a hero of mine since I was a little boy. And I have always wanted and tried to be more like him. He exudes goodness and is one of the greatest human beings I have ever known…  if you live in Orem Utah, get to know him. He is amazing.”
Bob Craghead
“He’s for sure got my vote go Jeff Lambson”
Kristy Duke Davis